Friday, June 28, 2013

Business Traveler - Justify A Limo or Chauffeured Sedan on Your Next Trip to Charlotte

You Deserve a Limo.  Here is the Sales Pitch to Get Corporate to Approve A Car and Driver 

Other than standing in line for security at the airport, the only part of business travel that I could easily do without is renting a car.  Unless you have an assistant to do it for you, it will take at least a half-an-hour to find the right car at the right price at the right rental car company.  That's just for starters.

Now you have to find the system at the airport for dealing with the company.  This usually means checking in at the airport, dragging your luggage out to the the stand to wait for the shuttle, then standing in line at the remote lot to get keys and sign the contract.  Another 40 minutes you'll never get back. 

With a little luck the car will not smell bad, have some mechanical issue, or be entirely the wrong car.  My experience is that I'm taking the car back for a different car 10% or so of the time.  20% if my wife is with me.

Unless you've previously driven the type of car selected, you have the nightmare of figuring out all the gadgets and gizmos on the car.  Where is the trunk release?  How do you turn the car on?  Depress brake?  Release little button on the steering column?  Say "pretty please" to the onboard computer?

Now you unfold the map, or figure out the GPS, or set the destination in your smart phone, and off you go.  Even with all the electronic direction aids we have today, you are going to get lost at least once on the way to the hotel or your first call.  This won't be the last time you get lost on this trip. 

Major Advantages in Time, Money, and Attitude when Using a Limo in Charlotte

Or you could use a limo service for the entire trip.  If you are going from airport to hotel, and you're using a limo service, you don't go get a car, you take the hotel shuttle.  If the hotel is far away, has no shuttle, or your first stop is a customer, you have explained this to your car service in Charlotte ahead of time.  The driver is standing in the baggage claim area with a big sign that has your name on it.  He will be taking your luggage to the waiting sedan. 

Now, instead of fighting traffic, getting lost, stressing over learning the rules of engagement on the streets of a new city, you get to sit back and do things designed to sooth your nerves.  You could choose to read a book on your iPad, get updates on emails, call to check in with your family, confirm appointments, or just close your eyes and do absolutely nothing. 

On the way to the appointments you've set, repeat the above.  Except you could also be planning for the call, reviewing your information on the client, going over the proposal, or contemplating the give and take of the upcoming meeting.  Of course, you will be on time for the meeting.  Your time on the road may be costing the company hundreds of dollars per hour.  The potential for the meeting must be worth it.  Why would you want to waste the driving time with uh ... driving?

After the meeting, you slip back into the luxurious comfort of a late model touring sedan, and either relax, jot down notes from the meeting, or call the office with an update.  You could do some of that while driving, but we all know how much fun that is in a strange vehicle in a strange city. 

Oh.  Did I mention one last thing.  The OMG value.  Someone is going to notice how you arrived and left that meeting.  It will be the talk of the building.  Can't hurt.

There you have it.  The perfect pitch for proving the value of an important business tool.  We would appreciate it, since we have provided you with the ammo, that you would consider us as your limo service in Charlotte when you visit here.   Find rates, reservation form, and everything else you could possibly need on our website at .  Rather deal with a person.  Call us right now at (704) 605-1108.

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