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Business Traveler - Justify A Limo or Chauffeured Sedan on Your Next Trip to Charlotte

You Deserve a Limo.  Here is the Sales Pitch to Get Corporate to Approve A Car and Driver 

Other than standing in line for security at the airport, the only part of business travel that I could easily do without is renting a car.  Unless you have an assistant to do it for you, it will take at least a half-an-hour to find the right car at the right price at the right rental car company.  That's just for starters.

Now you have to find the system at the airport for dealing with the company.  This usually means checking in at the airport, dragging your luggage out to the the stand to wait for the shuttle, then standing in line at the remote lot to get keys and sign the contract.  Another 40 minutes you'll never get back. 

With a little luck the car will not smell bad, have some mechanical issue, or be entirely the wrong car.  My experience is that I'm taking the car back for a different car 10% or so of the time.  20% if my wife is with me.

Unless you've previously driven the type of car selected, you have the nightmare of figuring out all the gadgets and gizmos on the car.  Where is the trunk release?  How do you turn the car on?  Depress brake?  Release little button on the steering column?  Say "pretty please" to the onboard computer?

Now you unfold the map, or figure out the GPS, or set the destination in your smart phone, and off you go.  Even with all the electronic direction aids we have today, you are going to get lost at least once on the way to the hotel or your first call.  This won't be the last time you get lost on this trip. 

Major Advantages in Time, Money, and Attitude when Using a Limo in Charlotte

Or you could use a limo service for the entire trip.  If you are going from airport to hotel, and you're using a limo service, you don't go get a car, you take the hotel shuttle.  If the hotel is far away, has no shuttle, or your first stop is a customer, you have explained this to your car service in Charlotte ahead of time.  The driver is standing in the baggage claim area with a big sign that has your name on it.  He will be taking your luggage to the waiting sedan. 

Now, instead of fighting traffic, getting lost, stressing over learning the rules of engagement on the streets of a new city, you get to sit back and do things designed to sooth your nerves.  You could choose to read a book on your iPad, get updates on emails, call to check in with your family, confirm appointments, or just close your eyes and do absolutely nothing. 

On the way to the appointments you've set, repeat the above.  Except you could also be planning for the call, reviewing your information on the client, going over the proposal, or contemplating the give and take of the upcoming meeting.  Of course, you will be on time for the meeting.  Your time on the road may be costing the company hundreds of dollars per hour.  The potential for the meeting must be worth it.  Why would you want to waste the driving time with uh ... driving?

After the meeting, you slip back into the luxurious comfort of a late model touring sedan, and either relax, jot down notes from the meeting, or call the office with an update.  You could do some of that while driving, but we all know how much fun that is in a strange vehicle in a strange city. 

Oh.  Did I mention one last thing.  The OMG value.  Someone is going to notice how you arrived and left that meeting.  It will be the talk of the building.  Can't hurt.

There you have it.  The perfect pitch for proving the value of an important business tool.  We would appreciate it, since we have provided you with the ammo, that you would consider us as your limo service in Charlotte when you visit here.   Find rates, reservation form, and everything else you could possibly need on our website at .  Rather deal with a person.  Call us right now at (704) 605-1108.

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7 FAQs About Wedding Limo Service in Charlotte

A Limo Will Get You and Everyone Else to the Church on Time and Stress Free

Imagine Luxurious Stretch Limousines with tuxedoed chauffeurs adding the perfect touch of elegance to your amazing wedding day.  Possibly you will choose a traditional black limo to perfectly offset your white gown as you enter into your chariot.  Is the whole affair a bit more edgy, then you could opt for a magnificent Hummer or SUV.

Whatever choices you make for the getaway car, there are other transportation issues that you may want to consider when you call A Step Above Limo Service in Charlotte.

    •    Have a chauffeured sedan pick up parents at the airport.  Maybe others in the party, too
    •    Will you want to use a limo for the bachelor or bachelorette party?
    •    Use limo's the day of the wedding to move members of the wedding party to and from hotels, the church, the reception, and back to the hotel.

Clearly, the availability of trained and skilled drivers at your beck and call will be one way to reduce stress the entire day, not to mention how it will benefit every member of the party.  Provide A Step Above Limo with your schedule for all your needs, then forget about it.  We will coordinate from there with your wedding planner or best man to insure that everyone gets where they need to be in luxurious comfort and style. 

FAQs About Wedding Limo Services in Charlotte

How much does a wedding limo in Charlotte cost?

The cost depends on the type of vehicle.  A standard 10-passenger limo will run between $300 and $500 dollars. A stretch SUV will run between $350 and $600. These figures are based on a three hour minimum with a 20% driver gratuity.  Sedans are less.

Why is there a three hour minimum? 

We charge a three hour minimums to prevent split orders. Three hours minimums are standard because we can't book someone else during the down time.

Why am I being charged for time that I’m not in the car? 

A limousine rental is like staying at a hotel. Although you may not spend every minute in your room, you’re always charged for the whole day. In the limousine industry, this would be considered a 24 hour minimum.

How much should I tip? 

Most services include a 15% – 20% gratuity in the bill. If your chauffeur is exceptional, you should add an additional 10% – 20%.

When should I book a limo for my Charlotte wedding

You should book a limo at least six months before your ceremony. This is especially true for specialty vehicles. Specialty vehicles include exotic cars, stretch Hummers or 20 passenger busses.  Also take into consideration seasonal rush times.  May June and September October are very busy.

What color should I get? 

This is a personal preference. White wedding limos are the most popular, but black cars are a favorite for traditional events. It should be noted that black vehicles provide the best background when photographing white wedding dresses.

What size limousine should I order? 

This depends on the size of the service. Most people order one car for the bride and one car for the groom. Once the size of the wedding party is determined, the appropriate limousine(s) can be selected.

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8 Delightful Wedding Planning Websites That Every Charlotte Bride Will Love!

A Step Above Limo Service Picks Top Wedding Planning Websites

Completely head-over-heels in love?  Check.  
Most wonderful fiancée in the world? Check.  
Loveliest engagement ring?  Check.  
The most inexpressible excitement ever known?! Absolutely!  

At A Step Above Limo Service, we understand that planning your wedding can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. There is so much to consider to be sure that every detail is covered, and in a timely fashion.

  • Budgeting
  • Deciding if you should hire a wedding planner
  • Agreeing on a date
  • Finding the perfect location
  • Choosing your wedding colors
  • Finding the best deal on centerpieces
  • Which floral arrangements will fit your budget
  • Where to find the best deal for your invitations
  • Reserving your limo service
  • Shopping for the perfect dress
  • Finding the best photographer
  • Choosing the perfect bridesmaid accessories
  • Tasting all the delicious wedding cake samples you never knew existed!

You have so many wonderful choices to make, but where do you begin?  At A Step Above Limo Service, we decided that our job is not limited to making sure that every aspect of your Charlotte wedding limo needs are taken care of. We realized that part of our job during the wedding is to remove stress. When we are in charge of making sure your guests, the wedding party, and the two stars of the show get where they need to be on time every time, this reduces stress on you. 

Since we are in the stress reducing business, we thought we could help even more to help ease some of the stress that often accompanies wedding planning all around. So we put ourselves in your shoes and researched various wedding planning sites to see which ones would be most beneficial to you.  We narrowed our list down to 8, because we know your time is valuable.  

If you have found an amazing website that is not on this list, will you comment below and let us know why you love it?  We know you will be thrilled with the results we found!

1. This site provides a wealth of information with the top 100 blogs for brides, from creating your perfect vintage wedding to finding unique wedding venues, to exploring unique destination wedding spots, and even a special blog that specifically helps you coordinate your wedding colors from bouquets to party favors. 

In addition to learning practical budget friendly tips, there’s even a blog on how to have an eco-friendly wedding.    The site is constantly monitoring and updating the latest and greatest information to keep this top 100 list current.   It will definitely take you into a whole new world!

2. Check out this site to explore and learn about everything wedding related - from DIY wedding ideas to finding the perfect dress, along with tips for hiring the best wedding coordinator, and how to make a realistic wedding budget.  There is also a host of information about destination weddings, wedding etiquette, party favors, beloved traditions, and reception decor.  You might also be interested in the wedding checklist and guest management tool to help ease your stress level.  There is also a great range of vendors and venues to consider, in addition to special articles such as how to deal with common wedding problems that may arise.  This site aims to take the stress out of every bride’s wedding planning.  


3. This unique site brags of having more than 200,000 vendors who have been reviewed by previous brides, so that you can find the perfect venue and vendors for your big day.  The site also provides photo galleries of destination weddings, wedding dresses, jewelry, favors, and invitations for you to peruse.  There is also a tab right at the top of the site called “My Wedding” with a list of planning tools to help you keep organized!  


4. This site is reminiscent of a Pinterest board with a plethora of wedding style ideas.  There are wonderful pictures of the latest wedding dress fashions, groom suits and tuxedos, bouquet arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, entertainment, decor, and the latest trends in wedding day hair and make-up.   One of the most unique features of this site is the Wedding Style Category section to help you decide which category best suits you, including Classic, Romantic, Modern, Vintage, Offbeat, Beach, Cultural and Religious, Outdoor, and Rustic examples.  The ideas are represented in picture pinboards, which bring them to life in a creative way.

5. Martha Stewart  and Beautiful Weddings - a perfect match indeed!  This site delivers great wedding planning resources for bridal showers, honeymoons, travel, destination
weddings, etiquette, wedding traditions, and upcoming bridal shows in your area - wow!  In addition, you will get advice on wedding dress fashion trends, elegant table decor, bridesmaid bouquet arrangements,  and jewelry accessories.  Under the “Registry” tab,  you will find lovely and unique finds for your new home together.  Martha Stewart does it again - enjoy!



6. delivers charming ideas for engagement rings, elegant dresses for brides, flowergirls, and moms of the bride!  It also provides great tips on wedding etiquette, beautiful decor ideas, and practical resources for finding local vendors.  The gift registry ideas are paired with dynamic pictures, and you’ll find daily top 10 articles on topics that are most important to you.   You can also experience a virtual makeover by uploading pictures of yourself, to see which dresses, hairstyles and make-up look best on you for your big day.   This site was created with you in mind - have fun exploring all the possibilities!


7. Limitless wedding ideas are presented with beautiful pictures, along with a list ofvendors they wholeheartedly recommend.  Wedding Window is a great place to create your own wedding website, but even better - it’s a place to utilize every planning tool possible!  You can use free planning resources including a budget tracker, online RSVP, bridal checklist, vendor comparison, guest list, personal reminders, and so much more!  A great resource to help you stay organized without losing your mind.


8. This should actually be called the Wedding Network, because it contains countless, amazing “channels” for brides to flip through!  “Planning 101” is a section specially designed to help brides jump right into planning (right after you have given yourself some time to bask in the engagement afterglow, of course)!  There are unlimited resources including hundreds of pictures of real bride hairstyles, beautiful receptions, bouquet arrangements, ceremony decor, groomsmen tux and suit ideas, in addition to thousands of bridal dresses to look through. Make sure you have a good amount of time, a yummy cup of coffee, and enjoy the ride while surfing the Wedding Channel!

We would LOVE to hear what you thought of our list!  A Step Above Limo Service is committed to helping brides have less stress and more fun in this planning process!

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Why Does the Average Wedding Cost More than Some People Make in a Year?

A Limo for your Charlotte Wedding Is Not Expensive
Most People Are Spending Less Than Average on their weddings in Charlotte
Keeping up with the Joneses can be a hard act to follow when you’re planning a wedding. Just look at how much an average wedding costs. Around $27,000, depending on which media outlet you’re consulting.

The reality of how much each couple is spending is far less than that. According to an article on Slate, most people are spending less than the $27,000 that is supposed to be the average.

Who's Spending $27,000?

How is this so? We’ll get to that in minute, but first another question: Did you ever wonder why that figure is so high?

Well, the writer of the Slate article who was planning his own wedding was so curious about this figure that he investigated how that number got so high. His findings are illuminating. It turns out we’ve all been focusing on the wrong figure.

The Median vs. the Average

Instead of focusing on the average cost of a wedding, we should be asking about the median cost of a wedding. The average cost is the total combined spending by all survey respondents divided by the number of respondents. That means that the average figure could go much higher than what most people paid for their wedding if just one person spent a considerable amount of money.

Meanwhile, the median cost of a wedding tells us what the couple right in the middle is spending. The one where half of the respondents are spending less and the other half are spending more.

Median Cost Far Less

Take a look at these figures: The average wedding cost in 2012 was $27,427, while the median was $18,086. The average wedding cost in 2011 was $27,021, while the median was $16,886.

Quite a difference, huh?

We know that many wedding couples, especially the brides, feel a pressure to have their weddings exude that elegant, once-in-a-lifetime feeling. It can be hard to question the exorbitant rates charged by pricey venues and caterers, many who point out the average cost of a wedding by way of explanation.

Moving Away From Pricey Weddings

Thankfully, the trend toward DIY and less traditional weddings has given brides more freedom. Still, it can be hard to turn down all the pricey offerings when we do consider that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Just remember that your wedding can be a memorable event without having to break the piggy bank -- or worse, go into debt for several years into the marriage -- to pay for it.

One thing you will want to include in every wedding is the Limo.  You only get one chance to do the getaway right.  Make it memorable with a Limo from

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Charlotte's Yadkin Valley Wine Country Is Even Better in a Limo

You Planning to Visit Some Wineries in the Charlotte Area? Limo Is the Best Way By Far

Choices, choices, choices.  Tour bus, rent a car, or take a limo.  How to decide?

Renting a car allows you total freedom.  Freedom to get lost.  Freedom to go to wineries that have lousy customer service.  Freedom to find out the hours changed.  Freedom to worry all day about how much you are drinking, and freedom to get nailed on a DUI.  Freedom is good or not.

Going on a tour provides a festive atmosphere.  Unless the other passengers are duds, smokers, or don't speak any English.  You can meet new people which can be a really good thing unless they are pushy, demanding, winers, winos, or worse.  Festive atmosphere is luck of the draw.

Limo or Sedan with Chauffeur  Then we have the option of a sedan and driver if just for two or a limousine if the group is larger.  The driver knows the territory.  He knows some history.  He can fill you in on the best places and the best deals. 

Besides, the whole outing has way more freedom than the car version.  You can concentrate on romance with your companion or having a blast with your friends.  It is the "no drama" way to tour.  And for a fun kicker - all the other tourists will wonder "who the heck are they, anyway."  It'll be fun to play the role for a day. 

Oh!  By the way, the cost can be as low as $12 per hour per person (4 minimum).

Please note that season is April/May and September/October.  If you are planning a tour during those months, please plan in advance.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Limousine or Taxi Cab - Which Should You Use to or from the Airport in Charlotte?

Taxi Driver

Photo by Adam Jones

Limo Service Driver

The Taxi Cab Vehicle

The Limo Service Vehicle

The Taxi  Interior

The Lincoln Town Car Sedan Interior

The Taxi cab cost

Only a little less than a Limo Service Sedan
Example - CLT to Uptown Charlotte  $25

The Limo Service Cost

Transfers Using Sedans - examples

CLT-->Downtown: $45.00
CLT-->Ballantyne: $65.00
CLT-->Southpark: $55.00
CLT-->University: $55.00

We are also happy to let you know that we own Abassador Limousine Service in Atlanta

Ambassador Limousine Service
3355 Lenox Rd. Suite 750 Atlanta, GA 30026
Tel: 404-621-2544

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Give Away a Night On The Town as a Contest Prize

Motivate with Top Prize of  "Charlotte Night Life in Style" with a Limo Night on the Town 

If you are looking for a way to motivate employees, customers or your sales force, here is a fantastic first prize recommendation. 

The limo picks up that winner and their date at around 6:00.  They are dressed to the nines for a night to remember.  They get to set up the actual locations of their entertainment venues, but it might go something like this:
  • Drinking the bubbly in the limo as the driver gives a short tour of some famous, but lesser know historical places in Charlotte.  
  • First stop a top notch watering hole in one of the top hotels.  Enjoy the ambiance while enjoying a libation or two to set the mood.  Munch on some appetizers to take the edge off any hunger pangs
  • Next stop is entertainment.  Live theater, comedy, or music.  Could even be a sporting event.
  • Now to a late dinner in one of Charlotte's finest eateries. 
  • Cap off the evening with dancing, brandy and jazz, or just a quiet after dinner drink in a quiet club.
You can vary this idea with fewer stops, a cap for total cost, or even a completely different approach for the evening.  Make it even more interesting by allowing a second couple (with or without the 2nd couple being free). The key to the night is truly the limo.  The luxury, the style, the attention, the pleasure of just being completely served for an evening. 

The suggested evening will cost around $1000, give or take.  How might this be presented to the contestants. 

A.  Sales contest.  Send a letter to the spouses or current dating companion of each member of the sales team telling them about the contest.  You can be certain that there will be pressure brought to bear on each member of your team to win that night out.

B.  Company wide competition.  Set a sales or profit goal for the month or quarter.  If you hit the goal, the entire staff will vote for which member of the staff made the biggest contribution to the accomplishment of the goal.  You can make it more complicated by actually giving points for accomplishing various tasks.  The award goes to the one who get the most points or to anyone who its certain point totals.

C.  Idea box.  Set up an idea box for the entire company.  Ask everyone to put ideas in the box about any aspect that might improve:  sales, profits, morale, production, safety, recruitment, etc.  Whichever suggestion is determined to have been the best wins the prize. 

As with any contest, you may want to offer 2nd place prizes.  If you wanted to stay with the night on the town theme, you could have a 2nd prize that only includes two venues.  You could also have a winery tour as second prize, keeping it in the entertainment category. 

Of course, this night on the town idea is something that you can reward yourself with at any time. 
We will be happy to help you with the planning of any evening which you award.  Let us know how we can be of service. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

10 Wedding Planning Secrets for Brides

Only months 'till this!  Enjoy Every Moment of the Planning

Simple Secrets for Enjoying the Wedding Planning Process

You’re engaged - congratulations!  You have just experienced one of the most memorable moments of your life, and now, you get to begin thinking about the most memorable day of your life.  But first, a few tips for taking charge of your special day so that it doesn’t take over you in a negative way.
1.  Soak in the experience of what just happened.  It’s easy to jump right from the engagement ring being placed on your finger, to thinking about how, when, where, and how much - whew!  Bask in the simple beauty of the fact that the love of your life has declared his desire to spend the rest of his life with you.  This simple fact should be savored.
2.  Decide Together What Your Budget Is And Stick To It.  Often times, we have planned in our hearts what our day should look like and there is nothing wrong with this; but the reality is that you must choose how you want your money spent.  You will better enjoy the process once you decide how much you both want to spend.  There is nothing wrong with having a smaller budget wedding so that you can use the rest of the money for future big purchases.  Whatever your agreed upon amount, stick to it; being on a budget forces you to venture into the creative side of planning - embrace it.  
3.  Don't Wait! Reserve the Venue and Book the Photographer and Limo Service.  Once you have decided on the venue and your deposit has been sent to reserve the date, now is the time to begin interviewing photographers.  Make sure to look at the photographer’s work before booking; you can also look at their website galleries. Be sure to confirm that these pictures are taken by the photographer you are meeting with, and not examples from another photographer’s work. 
4.  Check References.  Unfortunately, there have been instances where caterers, florists, bakeries and other vendors have taken the deposit and have either run off with the money or did not deliver what was promised for the big day.  Politely ask for a list of references, and take the time to make a few calls before signing those deposit checks.
5.  Create Your Timeline, A Checklist And Move Forward.  At this point, you will decide whether to hire a wedding planner or to recruit a few bridesmaids or relatives to help you in the process.  Yes, you are the bride, but you do not have to plan this event alone!  You will begin by outlining what is most important (ie., visiting floral shops, bakeries, dress shops, etc.).   The point is to not get overwhelmed - don’t let the small things take away the enjoyment of each step in the planning process!  

6.  Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!  Have fun - invite your fiancée to taste wedding cakes after a lunch date together.  At Ontario Bakery, we respect your desire for the perfect cake: not only in how moist and delicious it is, but also in how beautifully it is presented on your big day.  Contact us today to set up your appointment, and relax in the enjoyment of our many choices of cake flavors and design options.  Or maybe you want a custom designed wedding cake?  We would love to make your dream cake a reality.
7.  Show Your Appreciation And Be Flexible.  There have been many television shows and personal testimonies about how once sweet and charming brides-to-be can become awful, demanding, and angry, leaving everyone around them (especially the groom) wondering, “What happened to her?!”  It is not worth sacrificing your relationships so that you can have every single detail exactly as you had pictured it.  Since it’s not realistic to expect perfection, the key lies in how you will respond to changes or disappointments.  Keep your expectations realistic of those around you:  your bridesmaids are doing you a favor by being in your wedding (the dress, shoes, bridal shower gifts, hair, and make-up do add up rather quickly).  Don’t let yourself become so wrapped up in making the day perfect that you forget to be flexible when situations arise which require you to make some adjustments.
8.  Smile.  It is not unusual for well meaning friends and family (and family-to-be) to offer their opinion about what they think you should have at your wedding (particular foods, music, flowers, centerpieces, etc.).  You will probably hear others’ “suggestions” more than once during this process.  Take a slow and deep breath.  Smile.  Thank them for their kind suggestion and say nothing else about it.  While they may not be minding their manners in keeping unsolicited advice to themselves, you can mind yours by responding graciously.  
9.  Schedule A Practice Run.  Yes, it will cost you a bit more to have your hair and make-up done several weeks before the wedding, but this is something you will not want to skimp on.  Make sure that you feel comfortable with the stylist, and bring pictures to show her the hairstyle you’re looking for.  The same goes for the make-up artist.  Be willing to kindly decline the heavy eyeshadow and let her know that you’d really like to keep the deep red lipstick for your big day.  
10.  Plan Ahead For Your Honeymoon. Ensure that you have plenty of time to wash and pack your clothes for your romantic getaway.  This could be easy to overlook with all the wedding planning, but make sure that you’re prepared.  Some couples even decide to wait a day or two after the wedding before the getaway, just so they can soak in the afterglow of their memorable wedding.
Let us know if there was anything you have experienced that might help us make this list even better for the next bride.  We would be thrilled to help you with your Limo Service in Charlotte NC if that is where you are planning to have the wedding.

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7 Reasons to Use a Limo as Airport Transportation in Charlotte NC

Limousine Service Companies Start and End Your Trip on the Perfect Note - Stressless

Consider the choices of methods you have to get you to and from the airport.  

  • Drive and park in remote parking - depending on the airport this process may cost you $5 - $10 or more per day and add at least a half an hour to your overall time commitment.  
  • Shuttle services - You really never know how long it will take you to get home, and have to plan around their schedule for pick up.  Overall experience in the van.  Grade it "C."
  • Taxi - Start by wondering if the cab will arrive at your home.  Pray that you will make it to the airport alive.  Watch the meter all the way there.  Chat with cabbie in his native tongue.  
  • Friend drives you - Is the friend dependable?  How about their car?  Will they be a bundle of nerves and rushing in traffic if plans or jams create an issue?  Do the know the way?
  • Bus or public transportation - Do I have to spell it out?

Now let's compare all of the above to hiring a Limousine Service in Charlotte 

  1. The driver will be on time - Most limo companies only manages a few cars, unlike cab companies or shuttle services.  The limo company's reputation requires them to be early - waiting for you.
  2. The driver will get you to the airport on time - stress free - Like most limo companies, our drivers are professionals.  They know that you expect a stress free ride.
  3. Relax in luxury - You are just about to spend a lot of money on a trip.  Why shouldn't you start out in style.  Or if, returning home, let our limo service provide you with an afterglow. 
  4. No meter - We will give you a flat fee for service.  You don't have to wonder if we are taking you the long way.  You'll be surprise at how little limousine services cost.
  5. Courteous service - Your driver will treat you like royalty.  Sink into that.  The driver is used to escorting the rich and famous.  He just assumes you are too.
  6. Waiting for you on arrival - You won't be standing in a cab line or wondering when the shuttle will arrive.  You won't be managing your luggage. 
  7. At your destination - Use a limo when your destination is Charlotte, too.  We can help you with your plans, recommend things to see, and places to dine.  

When you need a sedan or limo in Atlanta, please give our sister company a call for you Atlanta airport transportation needs.

Ambassador Limousine Service
3355 Lenox Rd. Suite 750 
Atlanta, GA 30026
Tel: 404-621-2544
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