Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Give Away a Night On The Town as a Contest Prize

Motivate with Top Prize of  "Charlotte Night Life in Style" with a Limo Night on the Town 

If you are looking for a way to motivate employees, customers or your sales force, here is a fantastic first prize recommendation. 

The limo picks up that winner and their date at around 6:00.  They are dressed to the nines for a night to remember.  They get to set up the actual locations of their entertainment venues, but it might go something like this:
  • Drinking the bubbly in the limo as the driver gives a short tour of some famous, but lesser know historical places in Charlotte.  
  • First stop a top notch watering hole in one of the top hotels.  Enjoy the ambiance while enjoying a libation or two to set the mood.  Munch on some appetizers to take the edge off any hunger pangs
  • Next stop is entertainment.  Live theater, comedy, or music.  Could even be a sporting event.
  • Now to a late dinner in one of Charlotte's finest eateries. 
  • Cap off the evening with dancing, brandy and jazz, or just a quiet after dinner drink in a quiet club.
You can vary this idea with fewer stops, a cap for total cost, or even a completely different approach for the evening.  Make it even more interesting by allowing a second couple (with or without the 2nd couple being free). The key to the night is truly the limo.  The luxury, the style, the attention, the pleasure of just being completely served for an evening. 

The suggested evening will cost around $1000, give or take.  How might this be presented to the contestants. 

A.  Sales contest.  Send a letter to the spouses or current dating companion of each member of the sales team telling them about the contest.  You can be certain that there will be pressure brought to bear on each member of your team to win that night out.

B.  Company wide competition.  Set a sales or profit goal for the month or quarter.  If you hit the goal, the entire staff will vote for which member of the staff made the biggest contribution to the accomplishment of the goal.  You can make it more complicated by actually giving points for accomplishing various tasks.  The award goes to the one who get the most points or to anyone who its certain point totals.

C.  Idea box.  Set up an idea box for the entire company.  Ask everyone to put ideas in the box about any aspect that might improve:  sales, profits, morale, production, safety, recruitment, etc.  Whichever suggestion is determined to have been the best wins the prize. 

As with any contest, you may want to offer 2nd place prizes.  If you wanted to stay with the night on the town theme, you could have a 2nd prize that only includes two venues.  You could also have a winery tour as second prize, keeping it in the entertainment category. 

Of course, this night on the town idea is something that you can reward yourself with at any time. 
We will be happy to help you with the planning of any evening which you award.  Let us know how we can be of service. 

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