Thursday, August 22, 2013

Two Nights in Atlanta, One in Charlotte for Queens of the Stone Age

Some bands are better than others. 
Chord by chord, line by line, beat by beat, hook by glorious hook, none is as convincing in 2013 as the Queens of the Stone Age. Even their codas kill.
The 6,000 heads moving in lockstep unison Saturday night at the Gibson Amphitheatre during "No One Knows" offered undeniable proof. With necks rubbery, noggins kept time with the Queens' rolling thunder beat as if snipers were commanding it from above, chunka-chunka riffs pushing through the venue as the band carried its devoted base through a song about rules to follow, pills to swallow. 
They traveled with Queens founder-singer-guitarist-desert dweller Josh Homme "through the desert of the mind with no hope," drifted through the ocean, "dead lifeboats in the sun," as the perfectly engineered band hummed. The group has been on the road for dozens of dates this summer, and holy boulders does it show. Pardon the language, but what a cussin' rock band.
Read the rest of the review on the Los Angeles Times site.

Now, for the other part of our recommendation.
Some Party Buses are better than others.  You can fit up to 14 folks in our New Mercedes Sprinter Party Bus.  If you go out before and or after the concert, and you have the party machine for say 5 hours, the total bill will be like $30 a person.  Get your tickets, then call us immediately.  We only have one party bus in Charlotte and one in Atlanta.  First come, first served. 

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