Friday, August 16, 2013

Picnic at Sharp Mountain Winery in Beautiful N. Georgia. Get there by Limo

No Wine Tour in N Georgia Is Complete without a Picnic.  The Sharp Mountain Winery Is Just the Place

Sharp Mountain Vineyards  Fri - Sun

At 1500 feet, on five acres of rocky, alluvial soil, Sharp Mountain Vineyards is perfectly situated for doing what it does best: handcrafting fine wines in the old-world fashion.

This unique vineyard, established in 1995, was built on one simple principle: that the finest wines come from the finest fruits. Everything that Sharp Mountain Vineyards does honors this guiding principle, and North Georgians are the enthusiastic beneficiaries of this unwavering commitment to the ideal.

Sharp Mountain Vineyards and Wineries

What makes Sharp Mountain Vineyards so distinctive is its solitary focus on creating exceptional wines and providing a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for its customers.  Sharp Mountain Vineyards doesn't strive to increase production or branch out into a full-service event venue. Instead, this family-owned vineyard intentionally maintains a lower output capacity and focuses on only one thing: the wine.

By personally attending to every detail of the wine making process, from carefully tending plants through methods that promote quality over quantity to harvesting each grape with care to ensure that only the best are selected, Sharp Mountain Vineyards proudly produces eleven varieties of the region's finest wines.

The same attention to detail extends to the friendly and festive tasting room and gift shop where connoisseurs and novices alike are never disappointed. The Tasting Room and Gift Shop are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Call for private tastings and events.

Sharp Mountain Vineyards welcomes guests to bring their own picnic fare and relax at a pavilion overlooking the vineyards and Sharp Mountain in beautiful North Georgia. It's an awe-inspiring view and the perfect setting in which to eat, drink, and be merry.

The result is more than wine: it is an experience.

We'll pick you up in a sedan or stretch limo.  You might hit one winery in the morning, one for lunch, and two in the afternoon.  Then we'll get you home with no time lost for DUI's and nobody losing out by being the designated driver.  Let us help you plan out the whole day.  Call 404-621-2544 to reach Ambassador Limousine Service in Atlanta.

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